15050923 - Flowlines for injection wells & brackish water

Fields of Activity:
Oil & Gas
Kuwait Oil Company
Contract No.:
Project Value (KD):
Commencement Date:
Mar 18, 2015
Completion Date:
Jun 30, 2020
Project Description:
The works comprise site survey, slit trenching, finalizing pipeline route, design & detailed engineering, performing HAZOP, PHASER, QRA, EIA and SIL studies, procurement & supply of all materials, tools and equipment, installation, testing and commissioning of carbon steel pipelines in West Kuwait. The works comprise two portions: Portion 1 - Injection wells and water wells in west Kuwait: supply, installation and testing (incl. hydro testing) of flowlines for Minagish injection wells and RTRP pipelines for water wells at Abdulliyah in west Kuwait area as follows: a) 8 inch Dia, above ground, FBE coated carbon steel pipelines from 5 existing injection wells to MWIP, complete with valves and pigging facilities, b) 8 inch Dia, U/G, RTRP pipeline from aquifer water source well to MWIP, complete with valves & strainer, c) Two (2) mobile Pig L/R for the new flowlines, complete with manual crane, d) One (1) mobile Pig L/R for the new aquifer flowline, e) Five (5) evaporation ponds for the injection wells and one (1) evaporation pond at source well head, f) One (1) injection well head substation, comprising substation building, one 11KV RMU, one 1,000 KVA transformer, one 100 KVA transformer, power distribution board, battery chargers, lighting and HT & LT cabling, g) 8 inch Dia U/G RTRP pipelines from the 19 Wells to APH, complete with valves, to replace existing U/G pipelines, h) Two (2) carbon steel headers, 30 inch Dia, liquid epoxy coated at APH, i) New 6 inch Dia drain system and drain pit outside APH fence, j) Solar panels complete with batteries and battery charges for power supply to RTUs, k) All instrumentation works, incl. SCADA, l) Excavate, dismantle and shift redundant U/G pipelines to company location in Ahmadi. Portion 2 - Emergency brackish water supply to NTF: Supply & install 12 inch Dia RTRP pipe to interconnect existing 12'' and 24'' brackish water lines for emergency brackish water supply to North Tank Farm. All civil works for portions 1 & 2, including foundations, steel structures, etc.