Treatment Plants & Pumping Stations

We are committed to protecting the environment and we support the regional efforts in management & treatment of waste water to avoid the environmental impacts due to dumping of waste water into the sea and produce environmentally safe & reusable water (treated effluent) for the irrigation & landscaping purpose. The by-product of Sewage Treatment Process are further treated for safe disposal or use as fertilizer or Soil Conditioner, thereby offering benefit to the society in which we operate.

We offer comprehensive services, from study to design, and from construction to commissioning, as well as operations and maintenance, repair and renovation, state-of-the-art design and biological process capabilities.

Our team of experienced engineers, technicians and operators, and our fully equipped laboratories, ensure that our projects comply with the highest parameters of effluent quality. Our area of expertise paves the way for expansion and enhances our position as regional leaders in environmental contracting and engineering.

Significant projects include:

KD 56.9 million (US$ 187.8 million) design and construction of pumping station, wastewater treatment plant and pressure mains, Jahra Area, Kuwait.

KD 15.8 million (US$ 52.1 million) Lusail Development Sewage Treatment Works in Qatar. A joint venture with Degremont (France) and Marubani (Japan).

KD 13.8 million (US$ 45.5 million) ICAD Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant, Mussafah – Abu Dhabi.

KD 11.5 million (US$ 37.9 million) Umm Al Hyman Sewage Treatment Plant, Kuwait.