Concrete Plant

Our primary aim is to provide high-quality concrete for our projects through our central laboratory testing and team of qualified and experienced professional QA/QC staff. We operate three ready-mixed concrete batching plants, together with a fleet of transit mixers and concrete pumps. Our ready-mixed concrete operation is facilitated by three fully computerised automatic control batching plants that have capacities of 98 m3/h, 76 m3/h and 56 m3/h each, plus 30 transit mixers and four concrete pumps.

Our dedicated in-house laboratories test the strength and density of concrete, as well as the quality of the raw materials since Kuwait’s extreme climatic conditions require additional quality control to ensure durability and impermeability of the finished product. Quality assurance includes using highest quality raw materials, shading of stock bays and cooling of aggregates, computerised concrete batching plants to ensure a high degree of batch accuracy and precise control of W/C ratio, advanced concrete mixture and technology, chilled water, flake ice and statistical techniques.

Our QA/QC (RMC) department (R&D work), also enables us to produce and maintain high grade durable concrete with GGBS, microsilica, corrosion inhibitor and watertight concrete and mortars. Our recent supplies of consistent and high quality concrete with mineral additives also meet the stringent specifications for marine environments.

As with our asphalt operation, we have achieved significant growth over the past few years, and plan to enhance our resources to cater for both in-house and external projects and to ensure the production and supply of concrete meets the specified requirements of our projects.

We are proud of our ability to work and interface with contractors, consultants and clients at all levels.