PAI/18M/A/2013 - Shaddadiah Industrial Zone

Fields of Activity:
Civil & Infrastructure
Public Authority for Industries
Contract No.:
Project Value (KD):
Commencement Date:
Sep 09, 2013
Completion Date:
Oct 17, 2020
Project Description:
The scope consists of the design and execution of the infrastructure of Shaddadiah Industrial Zone [SIZ] on a plot of 5,000,000m2 and includes bulk earthworks (~ 900,000 m2), internal road network (approx. 6.1 km of Major Collector, 2.9 km of minor collector and 24.1 km of access roads), as well as roundabouts and parking areas. It also includes electrical supply and distribution system (incl. One 400KV / 132KV / 11KV Main Station, three 132KV / 11KV Main Substation and approx. 80 Substations 11KV / 0.415KV), street lighting, fresh water system (including U/G reservoir and 2 water towers), fire-fighting network, storm water system, sanitary network, waste water treatment plant, irrigation and landscaping.