SE/S/184 - O&M of Kabd Waste Water Treatment Plant

Fields of Activity:
Facilities Operation and Maintenance
Ministry of Public Works
Contract No.:
Project Value (KD):
Commencement Date:
Nov 20, 2014
Completion Date:
Dec 31, 2023
Project Description:
The Contract includes the Management, Operation, Maintenance (preventive, corrective and replacement) of mechanical and electrical equipment, pipes, instruments, diesel generators, PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and DCS (Distributed Control System) control systems, laboratory equipment and devices, civil structures and plant services including running, stand-by and new equipment's according to manufacturers' recommendation as specified in the operation and maintenance manuals within the wall boundary fence area (800m x 800m) of Kubd WWTP to achieve the proper process treatment control of the total quantity of raw sewage Influent characteristics flow up to existing design of the raw sewage loading capacities inflow 180,000m3/day and peak flow 270,000m3/day including total quantity of raw sewage collected from various locations in state of Kuwait by tankers that dumped in the tankered waste discharge chamber and controlling the hydraulic flow and shock pollutants loadings to produce the quality of tertiary treated effluent according to MPW specifications in the Effluent Collection Chamber where the tertiary treated effluent flows to DMC (Data Monitoring Center) by gravity. The extent of works shall include but not limited to the automatic operation of the entire Kubd WWTP equipment round the clock (24 hours) including holidays and shall be either controlled from PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and monitored from DCS (Distributed Control System) for such equipment?s or controlled and monitored from the DCS control system only for other equipment?s as indicated.